“The Door To Yesterday” #44

New Year (2013) Edition


Goodbye EMI

And so it came to pass that the legendary British record company EMI Records is no longer a stand-alone, independent organization. It was purchased a few months ago by Vivendi-owned Universal Music Group, thereby bringing to a close its British ownership, the roots of which date back […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #43

Olympic Musical Flashback

The musical selections in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics certainly proved to be an entertaining and diverse mixture from Sir Edward Elgar’s LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY and Sir Hubert Parry & William Blake’s JERUSALEM to Queen’s BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and The Beatles’ HEY JUDE. A few American compositions were included […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #42

First of all, many thanks to those who emailed me following my article “Growing Up In 1950’s Britain” in my last bulletin. I really appreciated all your personal memories of the same period.

One that I wanted to share with you was sent to me by the British music writer and contributor to Record […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #41


Growing Up In 1950’s Britain


Just recently, a friend was showing my wife and I the wonders and capabilities of their newly-acquired iPad and it suddenly struck me how far the world has progressed, not just in this vastly superior age of technology, but in the sheer availability and increase of material things.


“The Door To Yesterday” #40


We listened, we marveled!


It’s hard to believe it now but in the late 1950’s, stereo sound was a very big revolutionary deal.

Stereo (short for stereophonic) records began appearing around 1958 and the major labels started issuing LP’s in both Mono (Monaural) and Stereo versions. For instance, RCA tagged their […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #39

Gone but not forgotten… Buildings from Hollywood’s storied past

Everyday, tourist-filled buses meander along the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills with alarming regularity but I fear that the descriptive commentaries that they provide for their passengers do not tell the hidden histories of buildings that they pass such as […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #38

Inka Dinka Doo!*

On one of my very early birthdays, I remember being given an expensive fountain pen.

At school, we were instructed to use pen and ink and strictly forbidden to use ‘biros’. Of course this all sounds very archaic now at a time when today’s younger generation are texting messages […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #37

Gentlemen, start your engines!

I’ve always loved rock ‘n’ roll songs about cars and when I started to put a list together of ones that I remember, I realized just how many there’ve been! In most cases, the versions I’ve chosen are the most famous and the original ones. […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #36

Flying so high!

Do you remember when air travel was something you actually looked forward to? At one time, the thought of packing your bags and heading for an airport meant that you were in for a rewarding experience. Everything and everybody was courteous in attitude and if you were flying first […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #35

The other Royal Wedding!

Back in 1951, MGM released the above musical movie that was set in London and starred Fred Astaire and Jane Powell. The characters weren’t royal although Peter Lawford played an English lord. The songs were by Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane and included the wistful and Oscar®-nominated ballad […]