“The Door To Yesterday” #34

Farewell Margaret Whiting


Some years ago, I introduced myself to legendary singer Margaret Whiting at a Songwriters Hall Of Fame evening in New York. We struck up an instant friendship and I made sure that I helped promote her father’s songs while I was with EMI Music Publishing. […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #33

My early memories of EMI

1963 © EMI


EMI House was the head office of EMI Records in London’s Manchester Square just off Baker Street. The top photo above shows (from left to right) Ringo Starr, Dick James, John Lennon, George Harrison, George Martin & Paul McCartney outside EMI […]

The Door To Yesterday #32

Hello again!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a new “Door To Yesterday” but I’m back and promise to keep the missives coming!

A vintage TV trove at Cedars Sinai

I recently spent ten days in Cedars Sinai Hospital here in Los Angeles and one of the few things […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #31

George & Gracie: The missing TV shows!

Would somebody please unearth the episodes of the Burns & Allen TV series from its last two or three seasons? George & Gracie’s TV show began in 1950 and ran until 1958 but the only episodes that have been and are available on video […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #30

Turn your radios on!

When I go to physical therapy, I often turn on Pandora – the mobile ‘phone app that programs your favorite style of music just like a radio station and the other day my therapist Alex exclaimed: “Mr. Warner, you have the most eclectic taste in music!” I […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #29

What was that again?!

The saying goes that Britain and America are separated by a common language. Nowhere is there a better example of this than in the wacky world of movie titles. British distributors of American films were often very good at anglicizing the descriptive names of their product. For instance, W.C. Fields’ […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #28

John And Marsha are back!

The comedic genius that is Stan Freberg was a major recording artist on Capitol Records beginning in the 1950’s. His satirical comedy routines naturally led him into the world of advertising and the TV commercials that he produced are still recognized as classics to this day. […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #27

The Way Things Were!

Do you remember the pre-cell ‘phone days – not so long ago – when every major airport had lines of telephone booths? You’d press on the individual doors which would then fold open and you’d step inside and sit on a small stool before dialing a number. The convenience that smart […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #26

Here Comes Summer!

Last week, Billboard’s website unveiled their ‘Top 30 Summer Songs Of All Time’. Understandably, that propelled all of us addicted list compilers into comparing their selections with ours. Quite a number of my all-time favorites are there but I feel that the biggest omission is “Dancing In The Street”; […]

“The Door To Yesterday” #25

(AP Photo/David Goldman

Jackie DeShannon put love in all our hearts at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in New York!

Jackie (above) takes a bow after performing “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” on Thursday night in New York at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. She was inducted into the Hall […]